Hardware PWM working on the Pi3

After some initial trouble with getting the pi3 to output two hardware PWM channels at the same time, it’s finally working!

Code is here:

import wiringpi
from time import sleep
LED = 1 # gpio pin 12 = wiringpi no. 1 (BCM 18)
LED2 = 23 # gpio pin 33 = wiringpi no. 23 (BCM 13)
# Initialize PWM output for LED
wiringpi.pinMode(LED, 2) # PWM mode
wiringpi.pinMode(LED2, 2)
wiringpi.pwmWrite(LED, 0) # OFF
wiringpi.pwmWrite(LED2, 0)

# Set LED brightness
def led(led_value):


while True:
for value in range(0,1024):

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